LHC Group Feedlot aims to feed beef and sheep and harvest agricultural products of excellence in a strategic alliance with its producers and marketers through single minded and effective management of strategic focal points.


LHG Group Feedlot has one Primary mission: “The best from our farms to your plate.”



Agriculture 1Each farming business is unique, with distinctive characteristics, biographics, opportunities, strengths and pay for research paper successes.  Each creates its own competitive advantage for sustainability and cialis pills finds its own path of development.  Here at LHC we have concentrated our farming ratios as follows:-

Our Maize fields are 60% of our farming ratio, 20% Sorghum, 20% Soya Beans and 10% sunflowers.  Collectively we have over 3 000 hectare of harvesting opportunity.  Maize is widely cultivated throughout the world, and a greater tonnage of maize is produced each year by LHC, than any other grain.

Agriculture Prices are better for maize when the crop is well stored, and here at LHC, we have storage facilities in the form of silos, which makes for convenient loading and collecting.   That means our products would be transported directly from the farm to the market, thus ensuring the products are always fresh.

Our crops are treated with Omnia fertilizers and we follow their Omnia Nutriology – a unique concept that holistically encompasses “The Science of Growing.” (Logo and link)

We start our planting season from September through to December.  Harvesting would normally take place between May and June depending on the crops progress and weather conditions. Our crops are healthy and are well treated and fertilized during the growing phase.  Once our harvest is in, we take great effort to start preparing our soil for the next planting season.  It is an ongoing process and one we are proud to say we excel at.

Agriculture 3


LHC Group’s transport fleet is made up of vehicles suitable for the collection and delivery of all livestock, and the collection and delivery of all other agricultural products country wide.

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All our vehicles are serviced and maintained by our in-house mechanics, and are meticulously kept.

Our vehicles are also all fitted with satellite tracking and are closely monitored.

Should you need transportation for your livestock, please feel free to contact our Transport Manager Mr Marius du Preez at (016) 972-8032, who, will assist and advise you with your requirements.